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Be sure to verify the company you choose for Terrazzo Restoration has Workers Comp insurance

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Many companies don't take the time nor want to have the expense of Workers Comp insurance. Workers Comp covers all workers on your property in the event an unfortunate accident resulting in injury occurs. You and your homeowners insurance company can be held liable for the injuries PLUS legal fees and disability if it results in such. Always verify ANYONE who works on your property has Workers Comp for your safety. Not doing so could cost you thousands of dollars. Even if it's their equipment that causes such, you can still be sued. Unfortunately, some of the tools used for Terrazzo Restoration can be dangerous, and accidents can happen...make sure you're covered ahead of time. If you choose to have Dr Terrazzo do your Terrazzo Restoration or Terrazzo Floor Repair, you can rest assured we carry both Workers Comp and $2 million aggregate liability insurance! Call Dr Terrazzo for all of your Terrazzo Restoration, Terrazzo Repairs, and Terrazzo Polishing needs! Thank you!

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