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Dr Terrazzo Reviews #DrTerrazzoReviews

Lately, reviews, believe it or not have become a big business. Not just people leaving their personal experiences, but rather, companies are actually PAYING for 5 star reviews! Dr Terrazzo Reviews are something you can count on, we take our reputation seriously, but we're not going to not be dishonest with you. We have been in business over 18 almost 20 years, and we have an aggregate of 45 reviews currently. Some of our competitors who have been in business LESS THAN 3 YEARS post the same, if not more reviews. Not sure how that's possible, but low and behold, they are ALL 5 STARS! I have been told in my life that if something seems to good to be true, it always is, and that NOBODY is perfect.

Dr Terrazzo wants to earn your business the honest way, not by cheating the system and making you think we're perfect, we make mistakes sometimes, but rest assured, we will honor our commitment and return to do whatever we can do to make you happy!

In fact, some of our Dr Terrazzo Reviews are from competitors or people they know or people we have never even done any work for! You can trust Dr Terrazzo Reviews when you read them, call us today to discuss your project at 321-302-8652. We think more of our customers than to be untruthful to get their business. Honesty and integrity are our most desired goals, call us today and experience the Dr Terrazzo difference! Thank you for taking the time to read this, we hope it helps with your decision making process!

If you feel like reading a bit, here is a great article about reviews...

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Jan 18

I found this post while on the Dr. Terrazzo Facebook page. I’m looking for someone to restore my terrazzo and despite a friend of mine having a chaotic experience with this company, I still considered having them do the job…until seeing this.

When a company has to put other companies down to elevate themselves it is a huge red flag. Very off-putting. I actually did not realize there were so many other companies to choose from so thanks for making me aware. I’ll be choosing a company that focuses on their customers, not their competitors.

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