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Dr Terrazzo Reviews, what you need to know about us and the competition

Reviews are a very important part of any business's reputation for sure. Some resort to having friends and relatives leave false reviews to enhance their otherwise realistic representation on the internet. This is true with Terrazzo Restoration reviews seen here in Florida. One has to be very careful when dealing with a business with 40-50 5 star reviews, as perfection never happens, and these stats tend to be misleading. At Dr Terrazzo, we don't try to enhance our reviews, but rely on what our customers really have to say. We don't offer "$500 off of your total bill for a 5 star review", or any tactics like that. If you look at Dr Terrazzo's reviews, you'll see, we're not always perfect BUT, we are ALWAYS ready to fix anything we can within reason!

Another thing: we've heard of some companies "being in business for decades". This just isn't true. There are some excellent companies here in Florida that have legitimately been in business for years, but many have not. There's no reason to tell people things that aren't true. This confuses some people and doesn't allow them to make an educated decision based on fact. Check companies out. See how long they've actually been in business by checking with the State of Florida at

In closing MAKE SURE the companies you select to work in your home have liability insurance AND Workers Comp insurance. Not a waiver, but actual insurance that covers employees while working on your property. If you don't verify coverage, and someone gets hurt, you and your homeowners insurance company are liable. This is typical of companies that have 1099 independent labor, or "under the table" workers.

Here at Dr Terrazzo of Florida, we've been in business over 18 years. My uncle and I started this business, and it has been in our family ever since. All of our people are employees with appropriate insurance coverage. Call us today and check us out. We have nothing to hide!

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