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Terrazzo Floor Staining and Repair, what's the REAL truth? Good info from Dr Terrazzo, 321-302-8652

Terrazzo Floors are challenging sometimes because years ago, someone covered them with tile, carpet, or other cheap coverings with no care about what they would look like today. Years of abuse are hard to correct within a reasonably short period of time. A variety of unknown stains are usually under these coverings and have been there up to 40-50 years!

We see many videos on YouTube and others claiming things like a Hydrogen Peroxide poultice applied to the floor then taping plastic over it will remove stains. More often times than not, this is a completely false statement, and does nothing but waste chemical. Peroxide's chemical makeup doesn't remove solvent based staining like glue, as it's job is to actually break down proteins rather than remove stains. It may lighten some, but more often than not, it doesn't. Terrazzo is a cementitious product that stains, much like our driveways, and like them, sometimes those stains cannot be removed regardless of effort. Also, you should NEVER use any acidic products on terrazzo, as a high acidic content will breakdown the lime content of the marble and down the road leave you with small holes all over your floor!

Terrazzo in the majority of Florida are a typical 5/8" this aggregate product made up of 3 parts Texas marble, to 2 parts Portland Cement. Basically, there is more stone than cement. When this cement is stained with something, it's hard to remove it without actually damaging the floor. If proper aggressive diamond grinding and polishing doesn't take the stain OFF, it probably isn't coming out! Does this mean you shouldn't restore your floors? No! Your floor probably isn't stained everywhere, and some stains don't make your valuable terrazzo useless...up to 80% of a floor in a home is covered by furniture and area rugs, Why cover it again? The upkeep on terrazzo combined with it being almost indestructible makes it the right choice for investors, landlords, and even homeowners...

If you're looking to have your Terrazzo Floors restored, call Dr Terrazzo today at

321-302-8652, or send us an e mail at We are open and available 7 days a week and after hours. Contact us for a free estimate, We won't give you false promises or make claims we can't stand behind...Thank you!

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