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Why you should choose Dr Terrazzo for your Terrazzo Restoration in Orlando

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Dr Terrazzo has been performing Terrazzo Restoration, Terrazzo Repair, and Terrazzo Floor Polishing for over 17 years. We have done thousands of Terrazzo Restoration jobs in Orlando, and strive daily to provide the best service we can. We've learned a lot over the years, and we are able to put that knowledge to work for you today!

All of our Terrazzo Restoration staff are actual employees, not subcontractors or 1099 independent labor. If a worker is injured or even worse while working for you on your property and that company doesn't carry Workers Comp, YOU and your insurance company are at risk of being sued for injuries and damages! If you hire Dr Terrazzo to perform Terrazzo Restoration in Orlando for you, you can rest assured we carry Workers Comp insurance on ALL of our personnel, as well as $2 million aggregate general liability to protect against any damage to your home.

Some of our "competition" have worked for us here in the Orlando area, and have gone into their own business. While we wish them luck, be careful with who you choose for Terrazzo Restoration. Some of them worked for us for 1-2 years and started their own...

All of our staff have been trained using the methods we've developed over the years, some of our people have been working for us for years and really care about how your Terrazzo Restoration turns out. We don't hire just anyone, but rather, we check our people out to make sure they are who we want representing our company.

So there you have it. Dr Terrazzo again has been performing Terrazzo Restoration, Terrazzo Repair, and Terrazzo Floor Polishing in Orlando for over 17 years. We care and actually want your floors to look better than you do! Should you have any questions, you can reach Dr Terrazzo 7 days a week at 321-302-8652. Even if we don't end up doing any Terrazzo Restoration in Orlando for you, and you have questions, please call us. We are here to help you in any way that we can. Thank you!

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