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Terrazzo Repair 

Professional Terrazzo Repair Services

Are you in need of terrazzo floor repair? Carpet tack holes/divots? Large holes in your terrazzo floor? Dr Terrazzo can handle smaller and even larger repairs for you! We actually drill the holes out, then fill them with original type Portland cement, then match your stones up as closely as we can...give us a call today and we'll talk about your Terrazzo Repair needs!


Our terrazzo technicians will address your area of concern, as well as  identify any additional areas of the terrazzo that we recommend repairing. The technicians will then address those areas by patching the divots. As well as make an attempt to color match any new stones that are placed.

Next we will use diamond impregnated pads to grind off the top layer of the terrazzo floor, usually only a few millimeters. We do this to help create a more uniformed surface in preparation for polishing.


The next step is to diamond polish the terrazzo. Using consecutive grits, of resin-bonded diamond pads, especially made for terrazzo. This process will be repeated 6 to 8 times to help achieve the desired shine. During the whole diamond grinding and polishing process we will use water as a medium to cool the pads and to capture any residue from the terrazzo. This technique allows the process to be mostly dustless, it is also more environmentally friendly than other techniques. If the terrazzo is in adequate shape the technicians may decide that a light grinding maybe necessary, instead of an extensive grinding process.


We can offer a variety of options when it comes to how glossy you want the floor to appear. We can stop polishing at a lower grit if you want a more matte appearance. If you want the floors to have a more glossy look we can implement higher grit pads. We also offer a couple different sealers based on the traffic that the floors will receive. If the floor is in a commercial building we may offer a different sealant that can offer more protection to a high traffic area.


Once the terrazzo polishing process is completed we will clean up the floors in preparation of applying the sealant/finish. We will remove the slurry, then use a hospital grade disinfectant, to kill any microbes. We will the apply a neutralizer to the floor to make the surface as pH neutral as possible. We will then apply multiple coats of a sealer that bonds to the surface of the terrazzo. Our sealer is a high solids metal interlock product. The sealer that we use is not a polystyrene based (plastic based) wax product. It will help create a very durable surface that will be resistant to stains, impacts, and other hazards of everyday life. Dr. Terrazzo has used this product for many years to seal many miles of terrazzo.

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